In Poland there is an increasing shortage of skilled labours. This is due to migration and increased economic growth which has all led to increased demand for labour in our country So it must be a good idea to take advantage of willing and qualified employees from Eastern Europe.

Of course, the use of such employees may have their advantages and disadvantages. We will try to introduce them briefly.


Diligence and full availability – We will provide you with employee who really want to work for you. They will not be watching the clock and for them 10-12 hours day will not be a problem.Clocking off really is not what they come to Poland for.They will want to maximise their time and earning whilst they are here.

We can provide an alternative to the shortage of polish workers – There are plenty of people from Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia who are seeking work in Poland.This will not necessarily mean a reduction in cost but will mean continuity of staff who appreciate a high standard of living.

Employees from other countries are highly mobile – and often more motivated. Working in different areas of Poland on different days is unlikely to detour them. They are away from home and family and will be flexible in how they work for you.

Negative aspect

Accommodation – Employees coming in Poland often have little money to spend. Typically it would amount to 100/200 PLN. In order for them to find suitable accommodation they may need an advance payment in few of wages to help with this initial outlay.

Work permit – Employment of any foreigners requires paperwork to ensure that they comply with current legislation and are working legally. For the employer that involves time and money. Flexijob will ensure that this is done.

Lack of language skills – Many prospective employees will not speak Polish and will be unable to communicate with their employer. Often simple instructions will not be understood.

Every employer must consider the advantages and disadvantages of employing an employee from the eastern border. We can make the whole process of legalization much easier for the emplyer, this will mainly leave the problem of the language barrier and accommodation. There are also employees with their own accommodation and who speak fluent Polish. It all depends on who will you get during the recruitment proces.

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